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The region

Førde is a small city with 13.000 inhabitants. The two hotels, Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel and Thon Hotel Førde is situated in city centre within 10 min walk to the main venue of the EWC, the sport and cultural house, Førdehuset.

Førde, right at the end of the Førdefjord, is the regional centre of the county of Sogn and Fjordane, with 110.000 inhabitants. Good shopping opportunities.

Naustdal is a small village 10 km from Førde further out in the Førdefjord. In scenic surroundings at the fjord lays The Naustdal Sports Hall, one of the a training arenas for the athletes in the EWC.

Many years in a row during the last couple of decades Naustdal’s weightlifting club, Tambarskjelvar, has been ranked the best club in Norway. In many ways Naustdal is “the home of weightlifting” in Norway.

The fjords — In the western parts of Norway, where Førde is situated, you find the most famous Norwegian tourist attractions, the fjords. The longest fjord in the world, the Sognefjord, cuts 200 km into the country from the North Sea. Half an hour drive north of the Sognefjord you find the small city of Førde, and the home of weightlifting in Norway, the small village Naustdal, 10 km from Førde.

Norway — has its name from “The way to the north”. As of January 1st 2015 there is a population of 5,165 million. Oslo is the capital city, situated in the eastern parts, with a population of 640.000. 20 minutes north of Oslo by train you find Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, with good connections to the rest of Europe.