Going to Tbilisi

The Organizing committee of EWC Førde 2016 is leaving for Tbilisi, Georgia on Thursday april 9th.

Lead by President of the committee, Stian Grimseth, a group of seven is leaving Førde to have a closer look at how the EWC is organized in Georgia. Members of the committee Silje Tveit Furseth, Ove Varlid, Odd Gunnar Røyseth, Jan Inge Rygg and Heidi-Ann Endestad are also accompanied by General Secretary Tom Farsund.

In Tbilisi the arena and other facilities together with the opening ceremony will be studied. They will also see a good deal of the competitions, hopefully also with norwegian lifters.

There will also be meetings with the organizers in Georgia, and presentations to the EWF on how preparations in Førde are going.